The appeal of an open fire is a primal, deep-rooted thing. But whatever about tradition and no matter how pretty they are to look at, they also create a large amount of dirt and they’re not terribly efficient.

For increasing numbers of Irish people, the cleaner wood-burning stove has the traditional feel of an open fire but is more energy efficient, making it a smart, stylish alternative

Did you know?!

With your average open fire, only 25% efficiency of what’s being burnt is coming out as heat into the room.

With a stove they run at an 80pc efficiency, which means lower fuel bills, higher efficiency and a warmer home!!

So why make the switch to a stove?

  • The price of solid fuel is relatively stable and is not affected by the fluctuations in gas or oil costs
  • A stove is a cosy focal point in any room
  • There are many elegant and stylist designs available which double as a beautiful piece of furniture.