Thinking about updating your living room but wondering when is the best time of year to do it? Here’s a few reasons why we think the warmer months are the best time to do it!

Inventory Availability

Even the largest and best-stocked fireplace centres may not have the exact item you need in stock. And when those retailers place your order with their distributor it takes between four to six weeks for your order to arrive – no big deal during the warm days of summer!

Summertime Specials

Because sales drop off dramatically at fireplace retail stores during the Summer, you are more likely to get a discounted rate – it’s the same concept as buying your gift wrapping paper the day after Christmas.  Installation techs are much less in demand during the summer months also.

Weather Conditions

Completing labour when the weather is clear and dry is simply quicker, cleaner and easier for every involved!

Expert and Installer Time

Professionals in this field have more time to give you during the summer months.  Listen to their advice and get all the information available to make the best choice.

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