Winter is upon us and a cosy night at home with a warm and stylish fire is just what we need.

But…..where do you start?

Each stove has a different KW output

  • kW stands for kilowatt and is used to measure heat output
  • The kW amount depends on the size of the room, level of insulation and how many doors/windows there are in the room
  • For a comfortable temperature, you will need approximately 1 Kw of heat for every 14 cubic meters of space – this will give you a general estimate of the KW needed to heat your room.

What is the difference between a boiler stove and non-boiler stove (room heaters)?

A boiler stove not only heats the room but can also provide complete or partial central heating and effective water heating for the home.

Simply put, Non-boiler stoves operate in much the same way as a boiler stove, except that they are used to just heat the room that they are in. You will rely on a separate heating system to provide warmth to the rest of the house.


Points to note before purchasing your new stove

  • The price of solid fuel is relatively stable and is not affected by the fluctuations in gas or oil costs
  • A stove is a cosy focal point in any room
  • There are many elegant and stylist designs available which double as a beautiful piece of furniture.